Hi.  I’m Chris Clemens. I’m a travel photographer based in Denver, Colorado. 

I'm a recovering advertising agency executive, with a photography problem.  Having spent nearly 30 years in the business, I worked for ad agencies in Los Angeles and Denver, eventually co-founding and running one of the most successful boutique agencies in Colorado.  I've been shooting photos for even longer.

My style is cinematic, crisp and classic.  My approach is straightforward and honest. No drama necessary.

Can you trust me for your project?  You betcha.  Here’s why.  

I’ve managed budgets, timelines and crucial projects for local, regional and national advertising brands. I’ve hashed out hundreds of creative briefs with art directors, writers, AEs and clients. I’ve developed strategy with marketing directors, CMOs, and CEOs.  And I’ve presented and defended great creative work to personalities of every stripe.

I bring a broadcast production mentality to each photo assignment, relying on good old fashioned tools like location scouting, prepro meetings, storyboards and call sheets. I’ve traveled to more than 30 countries on four continents.  I’ve shot on rooftops, sailboats, skis, beaches, helicopters, cruise shops, mountaintops and moving cars. I enjoy getting up early.  And I can still bench press a fair amount, which believe it or not, comes in handy when transporting gear.

This is the confidence I can bring to your project.  My goal is to help you realize your vision, while getting it done on time and on budget.  And hopefully, to enjoy the journey as well.